About Us

About Us

Designer Emily Manzhul and handyman Alex Manzhul are the founders of Custom Drapery Workroom. Beginning in 1998 they opened a drapery service offering a variety of styles to accommodate every home, personality, and décor.

Emily Manzhul

Before the opening of the company Emily designed drapes for a friend with no intention of starting a business. She had a talent for sewing and eagerly complied to help a friend with her window treatments. After the finished product her friend realized that Emily had a special talent for drapery design. With the urging of Emily’s friend a business began. Within a short time and multiple satisfied clients the business grew into a vibrant drapery workroom.

Word of mouth fueled the business into a success. Emily’s drapery design and work had a voice of its own creating loyal clients. Emily’s high standards for quality and workmanship transferred to the business, which is manufacturing unparalleled window treatments. She had earned the respect in the industry and amongst the community of clients she has worked with.

In adolescence Emily had jokingly said that she wanted to design draperies and is now living her dream. Her passion for the industry has made her especially pleasant to work with. She is the innovative woman behind the elegant designs.

Alex Manzhul

Alex is the specialist in the workroom. He works with wood design creating beautiful and functional cornices and drapery systems. With a background in construction he understands the complexion of proper installation and cornice design for optimal window treatments. With elegantly designed homes there are grand windows that need a specialist for installation purposes. With the most complex windows Alex is there to consult so a proper installation is accomplished.

Our Promise

We will strive to fashion drapery with elegance and longevity to last a lifetime. We guarantee that your window treatments will be of unmatched quality reflecting the beauty and style of the home and homeowner.

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