Hinsdale Custom Drapery

Hinsdale Custom Drapery

Hinsdale is a town of luxury filled with dream homes. Walking the streets the craftsmanship, meticulous lawns, and ornate facades are seen from house to house. A small population of influence and distinction live in enjoyment of their success.

Custom Drapery Workroom has had the privilege to decorate and fabricate window treatments for multiple homes in Hinsdale. There is a sense of excellence when venturing into the interiors of these homes. Prestigious art hangs on the walls. Furniture from the best manufactures instills an ambiance from room to room. A distinct smell of mahogany is present. Many of these beautiful interiors are featured stories in designer magazines.

To decorate the windows the same type of artisan talent is needed to keep the fluidity of Hinsdale culture. Customization is highly regarded in the workroom when designing and fabricating the window treatments. The drapery is seamed in perfect unison not overbearing or underperforming. The drapes will be personalized to fit the d├ęcor and exact impressions of the homeowner.

The reaction to our custom drapes from customer to customer is of admiration and appreciation. We have always strived to create drapes of exceptional quality and awe-inspiring design tailoring to what will be loved for years and not only for a moment.

The Project

The window treatments had to accommodate large open space and large windows. Red and gold fabrics were used to create the master bedroom drapes with custom made decorative pillows and bedding sheets. Blue and gold draperies hung in the vast living room. The striking colors and ornate design added character to the room. The uniqueness in design was welcomed by the ecstatic homeowners. It was a beautiful Custom Drapery project in Hinsdale, Illinois.


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