Large Window Drapes

  • Elegant Tall Window Drapes in Northbrook, IL

Large Window Drapes

Large window drapes impose a great deal of awe due to their large scale. It is extremely important that this detail is utilized correctly. The drapery must be of great standard for little discrepancies in quality with be projected immensely on a large window. And basic drapery will look flat leaving a sense of lacking in the room. Custom Drapery Workroom's experience has allowed for the creation of beautifully designed drapery that adequately complemented these large windows. Since the imposing nature of large windows, drapes will be made with design and quality savvy.

High End Quality

The workroom's projects are created with custom designs and elements that create uniqueness to the individual homeowner. Designs are multilayered to protect the longevity of the drapes and protect from the damaging sun. The workroom holds its work to a higher quality standard than what is seen in the industry. We guarantee the designs and artisan work is done with the finest quality standard.


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