Custom Bedding

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Custom Bedding

In addition to having a workroom that creates luxurious drapes there are talented artisans that create beautiful custom bedding options including bedspreads, headboards, decorative pillows, duvets, throws, and dust ruffles. These custom beds will compliment the decor and window treatments to lavish the ideal room. Homeowners pick from a range of recommended colors and fabrics based on their liking.

Custom bedding combined with our visionary designs craft the homeowners’ dream room. With a combination of custom curtains and custom beds the dream house comes to life. Enjoy your bed as it was meant to be enjoyed, uniquely tailored to your taste.

Custom Headboards

Headboards can dramatically improve a simple bed to look lavishly handsome. The possibilities are endless and creativity limitless. If our designers dreamt it, then it can come to life. If the homeowners desire it, it can be made. Choose any fabric and any type of shape for a custom headboard to be created in our workroom.

The fit will be perfect to your room and your bed. Brand name headboards are up to five times more expensive and only have a few options. Create your custom headboard with a design that fits solely for your room and no one else’s.

Staffed in our workroom is a talented carpenter that is well versed in creating quality headboards. We pride ourselves in our custom work.

Custom Bedspreads

Custom bedspreads are a great adjunction to custom curtains in the bedroom. The result is a finished room with every detailed reflecting the homeowners’ personality. With the ability to customize bedspreads the room can truly become yours and your dream come true. Choose from thousands of fabrics and trimmings to create custom bedspreads that will make your bed one in a million.

Decorative Pillows

A custom bed cannot be without decorative pillows. There are decorative pillows made in our workroom that are uniquely designed. They are not found in any retail store or in any other factory. Like anything that is customizable there are many options, designs, and accents that will make the decorative pillows comfortably fit your bedding.

Duvets, Throws, and Dust Ruffles

Custom bedding would not be truly customizable if there were no options for duvets, throws, and dust ruffles. To make a bed unique these options have to be considered: duvet or bedspread, dust ruffles or no dust ruffles, bedding throws or no bedding throws. These are all viable options and services offered in the workroom.


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